Jan. 16th, 2010

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[personal profile] lit_gal's newest fic, she completed it today.

Don't faint. Please? I don't want to have to pick any of you up off the floor, LOL. But this is a GEN story!! I can't believe I'm reccing a GEN story!!! Egads.

It just goes to show how much I love [personal profile] lit_gals' writing style.

Dr. Sandburg Finds a Sentinel

Okay, this is a Sentinel SG-1 crossover. Things happen a little differently in this universe but the plot is so smooth you'd swear it really happened that way. Excellent dialog. Nothing over the top, and everything moves along at a good pace. And the character voices are excellent also. And no, I'm not saying any more, or I'd have to tell the entire story and give away the good stuff :P Go forth to read my dear fic people:)

No warnings to speak of, except maybe language, and a minor case of kidnapping;>

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