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anatomy, angel, anne mccaffery, anthropology, archaeology, baking, bees, bones, books, btvs, btvs slash, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, celtic, celtic folklore, chaos magick, childe, civil rights, coffee, computers, consort, consort bond, cooking, creation myth, crime fiction, criminal minds, crossovers, culture, do it yourself, doors of perception, dragons, dreamwidth, egypt, egyptian mythology, elizabeth hayden, elizabeth moon, elves, environmentalism, erotica, esoterica, faeries, fairy tales, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, folklore, freedom, freedom of speech, gardening, gardens, geek, geek stuff, geeks, ghosts, graphics, harry potter, health, herbalism, herbology, herbs, history, homestead studies, homesteading, html, human anatomy, icons, joss whedon, koontz, ley lines, life on mars, lord of the rings, m/m fanfic, ma'at, magic, magic/k, medicine, minerals, movies, music, mythology, myths, native american, natural medicine, naturopathy, ncis, nightbreed, nlp, norse mythology, old trees, open source, organic gardening, pagan, palaeontology, paranormal romance, pathology, patricia a mckillip, pern, pirate slash, pirates of the caribbean, politics, potc, pretty gay men, profiler, reading, research, riddick, riddickfic, robert heinlein, s/x, safety, science, science fiction, scotland, self sufficiency, slash, software, space exploration, spaceships, spander, spike, spike/xander, spirits, star trek, stargate sg-1, steampunk, steven king, sustainable farming, the 4400, the bill of rights, the constitution, the sentinel, torchwood, ufos, ursula le guin, vampire movies, vampires, vegetable gardening, vitamins, weres, werewolf movies, werewolves, wicca, will turner, will turner/jack sparrow, will/jack, writing, x/s slash, zombie movies
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