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Want a Dreamwidth account? Need an invite code?

Go to this post and leave a comment and someone may have a spare they'll let you have:)

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Dang! well I finally got my paid account.

The payment to PayPal did NOT want to go through on Firefox, so I switched to IE instead. And there were no problems with the transaction on IE. So if anyone is having problems, you might want to switch browsers just for this transaction, and see if that works.

Also note: I had AVG safe search in my addons in FF, and I've been having problems with crashes since I got my computer back up. I didn't realize that when I redownloaded AVG that it's an octopus that sticks stuff everywhere. So I disabled it. If you use AVG and you use Firefox, disable the safe search thingy in your addons, not your AV program, and restart Firefox. See if that makes a difference.

I also had a few other addons that may have been causing a conflict, so I went down the list and deleted a few. And so far the crashes have stopped completely. But if you have conflicts with a couple of addons in Firefox, that may be part of the reason things are hinky for you while trying to use Firefox to pay for your DW account through PayPal.

Those of you who know how to navigate Firefox well, just ignore this:)

If you don't know:

To find Firefox addons. go up to the top of the page:

Click tools

In the drop down menu click addons.

A box will pop up with all the addons that you have installed on Firefox.

You can go down the list and either diable or totally uninstall whichever addon you like.

You must click on each addon to see the disable and uninstall buttons for that addon. If you don't the buttons will not be visible.

When you're finished click on the restart Firefox button at the top of the box, and Firefox will shut down and reopen automatically.

You do not need to restart your computer.

Okies, that may or may not be a problem for some folks, but it dang sure was making my life miserable until I figured it out.

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Sorry, they're all gone...

I had five invites, and I got five requests since yesterday. Maybe someone elase y'all know on LJ has some invites they haven't given away yet.

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Love, love, love Dreamwidth's Diversity Statement .

Mwuahhh, and lots of chocolate and sloppy, glomping XOXOXOXOXO's to whomever wrote this up!

Squeeeee, it's perfect!

It makes me feel warm and gooey, LOL. Like hot chocolate with marshmallows:)

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Okay, I'm using the Dreamwidth posting interface for this post instead of Semagic, just to test it out. It seems to be working with no problems.

The pic uploader works fine, although I'm wondering what the size limit is as far as KB or pixels go.

I really, really like the separate access and subscriber function. Although I would like to see a way to allow/deny permission to subscribe to any particular journal.

So far I haven't come across any functions that don't work properly.

ETA: The image insert functionality is limited. Photobucket link doesn't work yet, nor does the upload from your computer link work yet. I uploaded my pic to Photobucket, then used used Semagic to post my image. I reckon a direct link in the image insert interface would have worked as well.

The tag editor works;)
The post editor works:D

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