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The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body

A lot of people believe that words can't hurt you. I beg to differ. Words, written or spoken, are powerful. They can do a lot of damage. Words can lift people up or bring people low. Words inspire faith, or fear, contentment or misery. Every time I hear that stupid rhyme "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". I grit my teeth against the tirade of scathing disgust that wants to pour out against the ignorant person who used it.

Sticks and stones may break your bones. Bones heal relatively quickly. Words stick in the heart, mind and spirit, for a very long time, sometimes a lifetime. This is why I hate school bullies, and hateful authority figures, and the people that don't see the harm and refuse to do anything about it. That stuff can scar a person for life.

Yes, words are very powerful medicine, they can heal or poison.

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I'm sick of this shit too! They never freakin' stop. They're determined to disarm us one way or another. A disarmed population is defenseless against terrible abuses. That is why the Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms. Not just the army, or the cops. But everyday Joes that can stand up and say no you're not gonna do that. Gun crimes are a very small fraction of the total number of people that own fire arms. This continuing and relentless effort to disarm the general populace scares the hell out of me. Hitler disarmed the population of Germany before his reign of Insanity began in earnest. Do we really want to trust any government, much less some foriegners that never had a 2nd amendment anyway, so much that we think we don't need to remain armed and vigilant of our own government? History has proved over and over that those who have power that is not controlled will abuse it every time. And the criminals who don't give a damn what the law says anyway, are not going to stop what they're doing. It would make the rest of us completely defenseless against them. And the cops have already proven that they can't be trusted, and are not capable of protecting everyone. Gods help us if the general population is disarmed. Talk about jack booted thugs on a power trip!
The video I posted prior to this one shows what will happen more and more. US citizens will be taken away with no rights, in secret, and the government doesn't have to answer to anyone. That is as bad as any third world country. This constant eroding of our rights really scares the shit out of me. I'm waiting for the last apple that tips the cart and people start fighting back! Strange that we didn't hear about the boy, in the video I posted prior to this, on the evening news. They know they would look like the assholes and wannabe tyrants they are if it became too widely known what they've done.

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I am so sick of this shit. And it never ends!

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I don't think anyone I'm subscribed to, would act this way or I wouldn't be subscribed to them, but dang I can feel a bitchfest coming on. This is not for anyone on my access/subscriber list, flist, or for Dreamwidth. It's my vent about ignorant assholes who have been fortunate enough to get accounts, and then thumb their noses at other people who didn't. So if you read under the cut don't get offended. I'm putting it under the cut so you can scroll on by if ya don't wanna read my temper tantrum wank.

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A teenage girl has been suspended from school for drug-taking, and recommended for expulsion - because she was seen at school taking her birth-control pill.

This a crying shame, and so damn ridiculous it leaves me speechless. These people are supposed to be teaching our kids, not playing judge and jury. Now I can understand if they caught her with an illegal drug. But birth control is NOT illegal. These assholes carry things wayyyy to far. They have no god damned common sense, and I'm glad my kids are grown. I'd want my children as far away from these educated morons as I could get them.

I wonder if there's room for colonists on the moon yet? Maybe the space station? Hmmmm.

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