Emu oil

Jun. 3rd, 2009 03:45 pm
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I don't know what I'd do without this stuff. It's the neatest stuff since sliced white bread. There is a lot of hype about emu oil, and a lot of claims have been made for it. I don't know much about all the rest of what has been said about it, but it does work on sore muscles, joints and tendons.

My knees are terrible. I have a hinky shoulder joint, a leftover from a close encounter with an idiot driver and a cement culvert about five years or so ago. And my neck and back are messed up from being rear ended in traffic several times in the last decade.

Yep, I seem to be a magnet for car weirdness on the road, and none of it was due to anything I did, or didn't do, LOL. The last rear end incident was in rush hour traffic about three years ago. Some silly broad in a monster truck, I kid you not, was talking on her cell phone instead of watching what was going on, and smacked me in the rear end. The freakin' tires on the thing came up to the window on my van.The custom made iron bumper of that stupid humungo tank like truck messed up the rear end of my vehicle, like whoa. Don't ask, it was a really big bumper with some big 'ol winch thing welded to the front. And hello whiplash city for, what, the fourth time? Sigh.

The number of times I have been rear ended has also affected my back. I now have an accelerated advanced degeneration of the spinal joints thanks to idiots who can't pay attention in traffic.

The first time I was rear ended was about ten years ago, when I was sitting at a stop, at the end of an interstate exit, waiting on the traffic light to turn green. This dumb ass came speeding down the exit ramp and just smacked right into me. The second time I was sitting at a stop sign, waiting for a break in traffic, and dumbass was talking on his cell phone. The third time, five years or so ago, I was driving in rain and the Darwin Award nominee was tailgating me. I had to slow suddenly because of another car cutting across the road in front of me. He didn't. That one tore the entire bumper from the back end, and made the trunk into an accordion. You don't tailgate, in heavy rain, on a street where traffic is doing 45 mph. So, life history done now. Three of the four drivers were men, but all kinds of jokes about female drivers abound. Go figure. Anyway don't tell me about female drivers. It's the guys ya have to watch out for.

Anyway, back to emu oil. When those areas start aching I rub emu oil around the joint, above and below the joint about ohhh two inches or so. Or into my neck all around. Or rub it into my back when it's acting up, and in fifteen to twenty minutes the pain is almost totally gone! And the relief lasts for about four to eight hours, or more, depending on how much I've irritated them mostly. What little achiness is left is well covered by a couple of white willow capsules, and a couple of kava capsules, or a couple of droppers of liquid kava, to ease back muscle spasms. I've also applied it to muscles in my forehead for tension headaches. It sounds gross but it's not. It does not leave any greasy residue. It's totally absorbed. If there is a residue it's because you've used way too much.

I've used it on a sprained ankle, tendinitis, and tired sore feet. It took the swelling down tremendously in when I sprained an ankle last year. The whole ankle swelled up five times its normal size. I applied some ice for twenty minutes, then emu oil, took some white willow capsules, and went to bed. The ankle was still tender and sore, and only slightly puffy the next day. So I applied more emu oil, took some white willow capsules, wrapped it in an ace wrap for the day, and the next day the ankle was back to good. altogether less than three days. The time before when I sprained that ankle, I was on crutches for two weeks. Big difference!

I know it sounds incredible, but it works. And it works great for me. At least I know it works very well for the stuff I've mentioned.

I was so impressed with this oil I bought a quart size bottle of it. And I haven't used even half of that in a year. It only takes a small amount to be effective. But I don't want to ever run out of it before I can get the next bottle.

This stuff keeps me off cortisone, high powered pain meds, and muscle relaxants.

I know I sound like a paid commercial testimonial, LOL, but I'm not. I'm just soooo glad I found this stuff.

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The Complete Medicinal Herbal : Penelope Ody (Hardcover, 1993)

I snagged it on Half.com for 3.00 and 3.49 shipping, and it's a hard back. I did NOT buy it from Amazon.com. *sniff* It arrived via the postman today:). It is is brand new shape! I've wanted a copy of this book for ages, and couldn't find one I was willing to pay for until last week. I'm sooooo happy! I have other books on herbs and plants that are more scientifically oriented but this one has great pics, and explains for the newbie how to make decoctions, tissanes, teas, creams, salves, poultices, and tinctures, and other stuff. It's a good book for reference. And yes, I have 'The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs' which has more of the chemical properties and sciencey stuff, because the author is a Phd botanist and created the database of the world's medicinal plants for the USDA. But THIS book is very easy to read and has such beautiful illustrations of all the plants and herbs. It truly is a classic. Now I'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced updated version. :D Book addictions never end!

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Squeeeee!!!! I'm back in business. I really like the the buttons on this keyboard, they have a very good feel. They're not too mushy or too hard. But I'm a key pounder so adjust your perceptions accordingly:) OMG I have a working mouse !!!!!!!!!!  I thought I'd lose my mind before They delivered my stuff.
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That's the good news.

My mouse started acting wonky too. It's a good thing I can read the universal mail and ordered a mouse as well. It was bad enough dealing with this damned on screen keyboard, but then he mouse seemed to lose its mind yesterday, and started darting all over the place, going everywhere but where I want it. But knowing my luck they won't be delivered until late today. I'm ready to pull my hair out.
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The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body

A lot of people believe that words can't hurt you. I beg to differ. Words, written or spoken, are powerful. They can do a lot of damage. Words can lift people up or bring people low. Words inspire faith, or fear, contentment or misery. Every time I hear that stupid rhyme "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". I grit my teeth against the tirade of scathing disgust that wants to pour out against the ignorant person who used it.

Sticks and stones may break your bones. Bones heal relatively quickly. Words stick in the heart, mind and spirit, for a very long time, sometimes a lifetime. This is why I hate school bullies, and hateful authority figures, and the people that don't see the harm and refuse to do anything about it. That stuff can scar a person for life.

Yes, words are very powerful medicine, they can heal or poison.

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Well this probably doesn't look like any great shakes to some of y'all, but by damn it's a big leap forward for me.

They're just practice pages mind. Not anything complicated yet.

I've been playing with spacing, and font sizes, and colors. I got my index page for my website set up, and some folders. I've linked a second page to the first. I did all this by hand, no html editors, or what have you.

I'm kinda proud of it. I've never dome anything like this before. LOL, I can copy and paste with the best of them though, heh.

Okay, okay so here's the link:


If any of you see a mistake when you view the page source, please let me know:)

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I'll try to keep up with posting and my slist, aclist, flist, and other stuff.

I'm taking some online courses in HTML, Herbs, and some other miscellaneous stuff. So, the study time is going to eat into my slist, clist, flist reading and posting time for a while. So if a few days go by without you hearing from me, don't think I've disappeared.

I'm learning to build a web page in my beginning HTML class Wheeeee! This includes making folders for web pages, and loading them by FTP. That's definitely a new thing for me. The class starts from the ground up in learning HTML. Yeah, I know there's a ton of things online, but the lesson materials explain a lot of things that I haven't seen addressed anywhere else, in very clear understandable, and easy to read language. The lessons tell you what and how to do, and explain why you're doing it that way.

Explanations under here )

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Dang! well I finally got my paid account.

The payment to PayPal did NOT want to go through on Firefox, so I switched to IE instead. And there were no problems with the transaction on IE. So if anyone is having problems, you might want to switch browsers just for this transaction, and see if that works.

Also note: I had AVG safe search in my addons in FF, and I've been having problems with crashes since I got my computer back up. I didn't realize that when I redownloaded AVG that it's an octopus that sticks stuff everywhere. So I disabled it. If you use AVG and you use Firefox, disable the safe search thingy in your addons, not your AV program, and restart Firefox. See if that makes a difference.

I also had a few other addons that may have been causing a conflict, so I went down the list and deleted a few. And so far the crashes have stopped completely. But if you have conflicts with a couple of addons in Firefox, that may be part of the reason things are hinky for you while trying to use Firefox to pay for your DW account through PayPal.

Those of you who know how to navigate Firefox well, just ignore this:)

If you don't know:

To find Firefox addons. go up to the top of the page:

Click tools

In the drop down menu click addons.

A box will pop up with all the addons that you have installed on Firefox.

You can go down the list and either diable or totally uninstall whichever addon you like.

You must click on each addon to see the disable and uninstall buttons for that addon. If you don't the buttons will not be visible.

When you're finished click on the restart Firefox button at the top of the box, and Firefox will shut down and reopen automatically.

You do not need to restart your computer.

Okies, that may or may not be a problem for some folks, but it dang sure was making my life miserable until I figured it out.

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Sorry, they're all gone...

I had five invites, and I got five requests since yesterday. Maybe someone elase y'all know on LJ has some invites they haven't given away yet.

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Errrr, well the woman...*Cackle* *Does the snoopy dance of victory over electronics*

I found the flipping driver..Uh huh, uh huh, I found it, I found it...NaNa nanananana. *Sticks tongue out at stupid computer*

I now have SOUND!!!!

I had given up when I thought well I'll try reinstalling the driver even though it's not there. The installer popped up and gave me a damned name instead of generic "driver". Wheeeee, I went online and downloaded the driver and BAM, I've got sound. Heeeeee!

I know. I know. It's a geek thing. Sigh.

So my computer is up and running again!

I'm still waiting on the DW invites.

I've got you moondancer from IJ, and tdd, anyone else?

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Accckkk, Oh noooooes. I've got no sound.

This sucks big time.

I'm gonna buy a separate sound card and install it. I am not pulling my hair out over the sound device. All the drivers are there, but the sound card isn't showing... Icky!

So no music or videos for me until I get a new sound card.

But I'm almost finished getting everything back to right on this box.

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Sorry y'all. I decided to reformat my HD to get rid of all the crap I've built up over the years. No virus or anything, just the tons of oddball pieces of unnecessary junk that have bogged my system down, that even the registry cleaners and so forth missed. So I stick my handy dandy factory made recovery disc, that came with the computer, into the ROM drive, and WTF, uh oh, doesn't work.


So, after cussing and ranting a bit, and waving my fist at the inanimate object, I reloaded Windows XP from the XP OS install disc, and then had to limp onto the internet to hunt down five or ten drivers. Oh boy, I've been having some real fun let me tell you!

All my stuff is going to have install discs with the drivers from now on, I can promise you that! I bought this machine in 2005, and it's a real joy to have to find drivers for stuff on a proprietary system. Medion had the motherboard built to their specs and used some other stuff that has had me scratching my head. I think I'm gonna go with a new video card that has the drivers safely on a disc, and when I get everything the way I want it, I'm gonna burn all those drivers to a disc so I have it handy in case I need it again.

I finally got the all the drivers but a couple for my printer loaded up today, the printer ones I can get on the manufacturers website. And I've got an install disc around here somewhere.

It's a big PITA, but my machine is running again, and it zips along like a brand new machine:)

Now, I'm in the process of reloading software and such, So It may be a few more days yet before I'm posting regularly again. I have to fit all my merry making with the computer around the rest of the everyday stuff.

I also have to download all the Windows patches AGAIN!

I can do it, but I hate futzing around with machinery :(

Be damned if I'm gonna pay someone to do it.

So there's my long winded hello, I've been temporarily interrupted, but I'll be back post:)

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This is for [personal profile] liz_marcs

Four New Books - Books of doom

No matter how you slice it, the world is coming to an end. "The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You" will teach you about the dangers you face in everyday life. 'But what about zombies?' you ask. Well, we have two tomes pertaining to them: "Zombie Haiku" (which chronicles the transformation of human to zombie - in haiku) and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" (a slight update of the Jane Austin classic). And if those aren't enough, then you need to grab "The Geeks' Guide to World Domination" and learn how to end the world by taking it over. Because everyone knows, the Geek shall inherit the Earth.

*Runs to hide in the closet*

Ohhh noes...LMAO, I just couldn't resist!!! It jumped out at me and played twister with my left arm, and made me post...post...post...

Every time I see that book now, I think of you ;>

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And a weird true tale of woe...

Okay so I told y'all I got my new phone right?

Okay, I'm happy as happy can be..

I installed all the batteries and charged all the hand sets for 24 hours..

I geekily set about rerouting my phone line and dsl splitter through a brand new surge protector with a phone line/data line protector.

Read more... )

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This on Woot

I've been looking for something small and portable. And this one has a crank, and is rechargable, so you can use it when the power goes out. It also has a flashlight. I can stick this in a pocket or a purse. It's also a darned good price. The other places I've looked want more than 20.00 just for one. So now I've got my flashlights and radios for hurricane season. Now I need a good deal on a rechargable head lamp that I can use hands free.

Oh, and I finally got my new phone. *snerk* I found the model I was looking for with 4 handsets(one waterproof) and it got here in the mail yesterday. I've set it up and tested it, and it seems to be working fine. I lucked out and found it for less than half of what the retail price has been running. So I'm good to go for a bit anyway. I'm still stocking canned goods and and filling my emergency pantry. Sigh.

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