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Squeeeee!!!! I'm back in business. I really like the the buttons on this keyboard, they have a very good feel. They're not too mushy or too hard. But I'm a key pounder so adjust your perceptions accordingly:) OMG I have a working mouse !!!!!!!!!!  I thought I'd lose my mind before They delivered my stuff.
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That's the good news.

My mouse started acting wonky too. It's a good thing I can read the universal mail and ordered a mouse as well. It was bad enough dealing with this damned on screen keyboard, but then he mouse seemed to lose its mind yesterday, and started darting all over the place, going everywhere but where I want it. But knowing my luck they won't be delivered until late today. I'm ready to pull my hair out.
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Your online storage space in the "sky"
Goodbye USB flash drives. With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can store and share 25 GB of the files you create—photos, videos, documents, and more—for free, and control who can access them, using any computer connected to the Internet.

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I don't generally like commercials but I LMAO every time I see that stupid thing...It's just so freakin' geeky....Hahahahahaha

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Well this probably doesn't look like any great shakes to some of y'all, but by damn it's a big leap forward for me.

They're just practice pages mind. Not anything complicated yet.

I've been playing with spacing, and font sizes, and colors. I got my index page for my website set up, and some folders. I've linked a second page to the first. I did all this by hand, no html editors, or what have you.

I'm kinda proud of it. I've never dome anything like this before. LOL, I can copy and paste with the best of them though, heh.

Okay, okay so here's the link:


If any of you see a mistake when you view the page source, please let me know:)

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Microsoft B2M-00012 Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

9.99 + 6.00 shipping

Say no to carpal tunnel

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 has been expertly crafted to allow you to work in a more natural position. The new Gull Wing design features a 14-degree gable, a natural arc and a curved key bed - bringing the keys closer to your fingers to reduce reach and unnecessary motion, while encouraging a more natural typing position. It also comes equipped with an optional palm lift for a seven-degree reverse slope and a cushioned wrist rest that encourages better arm and wrist alignment.

  • Advanced, Ergonomic Split Keyboard Design
  • Enhanced Curved Key Layout for Easier Reach
  • Reverse Slope for a More Natural Wrist Posture
  • Zoom Slider Enlarges and Reduces Detail

Zoom in and out
Get a closer look—zoom in quickly and accurately with the intuitive Zoom Slider.
Enjoy one-touch functionality
Perform common tasks, like opening documents and replying to e-mail, with the touch of a button.
Type in a more natural position
You spend a lot of time in front of your computer. In fact, the only thing you touch more often than your mouse and keyboard is your pillow. Microsoft offers some the most comfortable hardware available.
Improved Number Pad
Commonly used symbols such as equal sign, left and right parentheses and "Backspace" are in quick reach, just above the number pad.
Access the Internet more easily
With the touch of a button you can quickly access the Internet.

Key Features:
Improve your performance as you keep current with the very latest technology Microsoft has to offer.
Zoom Slider
Easily zoom in on pictures, maps, documents, and Web pages—without taking your hand off the keyboard.
Ergonomic design
The ergonomic keyboard design positions your hands, wrists, and forearms naturally, giving you the easy comfort you need as you type, point, and click.
Improved number pad
Commonly used symbols such as equal sign, left and right parentheses, and "Backspace" are in quick reach, just above the number pad.
E-mail and Internet hot keys
Simply touch a button for quick, convenient access to e-mail and your favorite Web sites


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HP dc7100s Pentium 4 3.2GHz Tower XP System Nooner Price: $139.99

Shipping 4.99

HP/Compaq dc7100s Pentium 4 540 3.20 GHz Tower System
  General Features:
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition pre-installed w/COA
  • Intel Pentium 4 540 3.20 GHz processor
  • Supports Hyper-Threading technology
  • 256 MB RAM (2 GB maximum on four (4) 1GB 184-pin DDR PC3200 DIMMs)
  • 40 GB Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drive
  • CDROM drive
  • No floppy drive
  • Integrated video
  • Integrated audio
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
  • Motherboard Features:
  • One (1) PCI-Express x16 slot
  • One (1) PCI-Express x1 slot
  • Two (2) PCI slots
  • Four (4) 184-pin DIMM slots (two one occupied)
  • I/O Ports:
  • Two (2) PS/2 ports
  • One (1)15-pin standard VGA connector
  • One (1) 25-pin standard parallel port
  • Seven (7) USB ports (three at front and four on back)
  • One (1) RJ-45 standard Ethernet jack
  • Line-in, microphone, and line-out jacks on back
  • Line-in, microphone, and headphone jacks at front

  • Case Features:
  • Two (3) 5.25-inch external drive bays (one occupied)
  • One (1) 3.5-inch internal drive bay (occupied)
  • One (1) 3.5-inch external drive bay
  • 340-watt power supply (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
  • Unit Dimensions:
  • 17.75 x 7 x 17.5-inches (H x W x D approximate)

    Regulatory Approvals:
  • FCC
  • UL
  • CE
  • C-Tick
       Package Includes:

  • HP/Compaq dc7100s Pentium 4 540 3.20 GHz Tower System
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/CoA
  • Power cord

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Maxell Big Screen Cleaning Kit - 2 Pack $ 2.99 + $4.00 S/H (ThingFling accepts PayPal payments)

Product Description

Flat panel screens and LCD displays provide exceptional brilliance and clarity, but they are quite delicate and require careful cleaning to maintain optimal performance. Designed for easy use and provides safe, gentle and effective cleaning for delicate big screen projection TVs, plasma TVs, as well as home theaters, camcorders, cameras, computers, LCD and CRT flat pane membranes, the Big Screen Cleaning Kit came in the right time.

We always research the lowest prices to give you the best one, and this is no different. The lowest retail found is $13.47 (shipped to NJ) and $19.24 (shipped to California). THING FLING's price for a 2 PACK is a ridiculous $2.99.

* Cleans large screens surfaces easily, without streaking
* Non-toxic
* Non-abrasive
* Ideal for HDTV
* Home Theater
* Big Screens (Projection TVs)
* Plasma and LCD Screens
* Computers
* Tvs and Video Displays

Each package contains:

* 1.5oz. Spray Cleaner Bottle
* 25 cleaning cloths
* Storage applicator

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Giveaway of the Day - Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum

May 7, 2009
Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum is the best DVD Ripper software. It is capable of ripping DVD movies to almost all popular video and audio formats with excellent quality and super fast DVD Ripping speed. This powefull DVD Ripper software supports almost all portable video/audio players. It lets you easily rip DVD to iPod, Zune, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Archos, iRiver PMP Player, Creative Zen, PMP, MP4/MP3 Player, Smart Phone, Pocket PC, PDA, Mobile Phone and so on.

Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum can perfectly rip DVD movies with no loss of image & sound quality. Compared with other DVD Ripper software, it offers you more settings to customize, such as customizing file size, cropping DVD movies, joining several DVD chapters/titles into one file and even adding either image or text watermark. With this best DVD Ripping software, you can also capture any pictures from your DVD movie videos and save them as jpeg/bmp files.
Key Features

* Directly rip DVDs to common videos for playback on all popular portable players such as iPod, Zune, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Archos, iRiver PMP Player, Creative Zen and so on.
* Extract audio tracks from all kinds of DVDs (DVD Video and DVD Audio) and convet them to MP3, MP4A, AC3, AAC, WMA, etc.
* Allow you to resize output video by selecting aspect ratio from 4:3, 16:9 or Keep Original.
* Allow you to get special effect of video by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation etc.
* Coin and color your video by adding and editing either image or text watermark in a personalized way.
* Capture pictures from your DVD video and save them as jpeg and bmp files.
* Two real time preview windows let you compare and get the best video effects out of your movies.
* High level customization of output video/audio settings enables you to adjust output video parameters as Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, etc. to completely fulfill your different requirements.
* Merge your video clips to a single file for all selected clips.

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Giveaway of the Day - DHTML Menu 9.2

May 5, 2009Sothink DHTML Menu is a simple but powerful navigation menu builder. The DHTML menu builder creates cross-browser drop down menus in seconds, compatible with IE 8, Google Chrome and more. Integrates with most popular web authoring tools. Building a search engine friendly DHTML menu becomes so easy.

* Full cross-browser compatibility.(Supports the latest IE 8, Google Chrome, FireFox 3, Opera 9 and Safari 3!)
* FREE integration with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Adobe GoLive as add-ins/extensions.
* Database driven JavaScript menus with ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and more.
* Tab Menu displays navigation menu items as tabs.
* Keyboard navigation function controls DHTML Menu by keyboard, such as Press Alt + F2 to launch.
* Multi-Column menus or Multi-Row menus available.
* Fully customize properties, like font, icon, background, border, cursor, tool tip, surround, effects, alignment, transparency, size and etc.
* Freely select and edit images as icon, arrow, background and separator from Image Library and Background Library.
* Easily adjust the color, tint & brightness to edit the image or choose corners and edges separately for surround.
* Any HTML code can be used within menu item.
* Encode menu in the proper language.
* Support W3C Valid XHTML 1.0.
* Support any DOCTYPEs, and supports UTF-8.

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Errrr, well the woman...*Cackle* *Does the snoopy dance of victory over electronics*

I found the flipping driver..Uh huh, uh huh, I found it, I found it...NaNa nanananana. *Sticks tongue out at stupid computer*

I now have SOUND!!!!

I had given up when I thought well I'll try reinstalling the driver even though it's not there. The installer popped up and gave me a damned name instead of generic "driver". Wheeeee, I went online and downloaded the driver and BAM, I've got sound. Heeeeee!

I know. I know. It's a geek thing. Sigh.

So my computer is up and running again!

I'm still waiting on the DW invites.

I've got you moondancer from IJ, and tdd, anyone else?

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Accckkk, Oh noooooes. I've got no sound.

This sucks big time.

I'm gonna buy a separate sound card and install it. I am not pulling my hair out over the sound device. All the drivers are there, but the sound card isn't showing... Icky!

So no music or videos for me until I get a new sound card.

But I'm almost finished getting everything back to right on this box.

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Sorry y'all. I decided to reformat my HD to get rid of all the crap I've built up over the years. No virus or anything, just the tons of oddball pieces of unnecessary junk that have bogged my system down, that even the registry cleaners and so forth missed. So I stick my handy dandy factory made recovery disc, that came with the computer, into the ROM drive, and WTF, uh oh, doesn't work.


So, after cussing and ranting a bit, and waving my fist at the inanimate object, I reloaded Windows XP from the XP OS install disc, and then had to limp onto the internet to hunt down five or ten drivers. Oh boy, I've been having some real fun let me tell you!

All my stuff is going to have install discs with the drivers from now on, I can promise you that! I bought this machine in 2005, and it's a real joy to have to find drivers for stuff on a proprietary system. Medion had the motherboard built to their specs and used some other stuff that has had me scratching my head. I think I'm gonna go with a new video card that has the drivers safely on a disc, and when I get everything the way I want it, I'm gonna burn all those drivers to a disc so I have it handy in case I need it again.

I finally got the all the drivers but a couple for my printer loaded up today, the printer ones I can get on the manufacturers website. And I've got an install disc around here somewhere.

It's a big PITA, but my machine is running again, and it zips along like a brand new machine:)

Now, I'm in the process of reloading software and such, So It may be a few more days yet before I'm posting regularly again. I have to fit all my merry making with the computer around the rest of the everyday stuff.

I also have to download all the Windows patches AGAIN!

I can do it, but I hate futzing around with machinery :(

Be damned if I'm gonna pay someone to do it.

So there's my long winded hello, I've been temporarily interrupted, but I'll be back post:)

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And a weird true tale of woe...

Okay so I told y'all I got my new phone right?

Okay, I'm happy as happy can be..

I installed all the batteries and charged all the hand sets for 24 hours..

I geekily set about rerouting my phone line and dsl splitter through a brand new surge protector with a phone line/data line protector.

Read more... )

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This on Woot

I've been looking for something small and portable. And this one has a crank, and is rechargable, so you can use it when the power goes out. It also has a flashlight. I can stick this in a pocket or a purse. It's also a darned good price. The other places I've looked want more than 20.00 just for one. So now I've got my flashlights and radios for hurricane season. Now I need a good deal on a rechargable head lamp that I can use hands free.

Oh, and I finally got my new phone. *snerk* I found the model I was looking for with 4 handsets(one waterproof) and it got here in the mail yesterday. I've set it up and tested it, and it seems to be working fine. I lucked out and found it for less than half of what the retail price has been running. So I'm good to go for a bit anyway. I'm still stocking canned goods and and filling my emergency pantry. Sigh.


Apr. 11th, 2009 04:11 pm
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HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility.

It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.

WinHTTrack is the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP release of HTTrack, and WebHTTrack the Linux/Unix/BSD release. See the download page.

Version 3.43-4 (03/19/2009)

I use this program, and it works great on XP SP3! When I finally get my Linux machine I'll have to try the Linux version!


Grab-A- Site
Grab-a-Site users need to to reconstruct an entire web site on their local hard drive for mirroring or other purposes.
They may need to reconstruct the server directory structure, including original filenames.

This would be good for archive sites, groups, and forums owners:) Well considering all the fan fic forums, and archives that have been hacked in the last few years. I reckon it would be pretty handy to have a backup copy of the site:)


WebWhacker users need to stay on top of multiple Web sites, monitoring their content changes.
WebWhacker users may need to demonstrate Web pages without an Internet connection.
WebWhacker users need an easy way to schedule Web site downloads.
WebWhacker users may need to browse a Web site "on the road."

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