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Well this probably doesn't look like any great shakes to some of y'all, but by damn it's a big leap forward for me.

They're just practice pages mind. Not anything complicated yet.

I've been playing with spacing, and font sizes, and colors. I got my index page for my website set up, and some folders. I've linked a second page to the first. I did all this by hand, no html editors, or what have you.

I'm kinda proud of it. I've never dome anything like this before. LOL, I can copy and paste with the best of them though, heh.

Okay, okay so here's the link:


If any of you see a mistake when you view the page source, please let me know:)

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ARS News Service
Agricultural Research Service, USDA
Ann Perry, (301) 504-1628, ann.perry@ars.usda.gov
April 22, 2009
--View this report online, plus photos and related stories, at www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr


Dairy cows that produce USDA-certified organic milk also produce manure that may gradually replenish soil nutrients and potentially reduce the flow of agricultural pollutants to nearby water sources, according to findings by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and colleagues.

Cows on organic dairy farms generally consume forage feeds cultivated on soils that are fertilized with manure and compost rather than manufactured fertilizers. This organic management, in turn, may significantly affect how easily nutrients are converted in soil into forms readily taken up by crops.

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How To Season, Clean & Prepare Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron is the best cookware ever. It cooks evenly, retains heat well, and can be more non stick than non stick ware.

Once you begin making up your own set of cast iron cookware, and get it seasoned properly. You wan't want to use anything else.

Electricity goes off no problem use it in your firepit, or on your grill. Camp fires don't hurt cast iron either. You can even use the frying pans or dutch oven to bake cakes, or deep dish pies.

Needless to say I love my traditional cast iron.

You can get cast iron with a coating on it, but it's very expensive, and I can't see the sense in spending money on the fancy when a little time and patience will give you a very nice non stick pot or pan.

I've bought cast iron at flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, and brand new.

The stuff you can get at flea markets and estate sales are generally really good if the pans nave been taken care of because they've usually been seasoned very well.

Pre seasoned is great, but it's still doesn't have that non stick finish yet. That takes a little time, and some patience. It doesn't happen over night.

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