Feb. 22nd, 2010

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I got this via email. SO what happened to Google's policy of a free internet and freedom of speech? Is that right reserved only for them?

What Google checkout is doing to dreamwidth is wrong! Maybe a boycott on using Google services would get the message across. They don't have the right to demand censorship of any site that has legal content. There ought to be a law against that kind of extortion.

In a repeat of last month's situation, we have once again come under attack by the same group of people attempting to extort us out of business. We've been back and forth in discussion with Google Checkout, our current payment processor, but they've decided to terminate our business relationship unless we alter our Terms of Service to prohibit all adult content.

This means that we are once again temporarily unable to accept credit cards to buy paid time for your Dreamwidth account, since prohibiting all adult content on the site goes against our Guiding Principles of free expression. We're really sorry about the problem, believe me, but we think it's important to stick to our promises to you. More than important, really: it's a requirement. We're not going to go back on our promises simply because Google and PayPal are unwilling to work with us.

We are in discussion with several alternate payment processors who share our commitment to free speech, and we will have another -- hopefully more permanent -- solution implemented as quickly as we can. In the meantime, the offer we extended the last time this happened still applies: if your paid account is about to expire, email us at accounts@dreamwidth.org and we'll extend your paid time for you.

On behalf of both Denise and myself, please accept our apologies. I know that this inconveniences more than a few of you; we will have this resolved just as soon as we are able and we will keep you informed in the weekly updates.

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