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I am not I, but rather I am we;

I am not one, but a community,

All living in a total harmony,

All playing in a single symphony.

And if the all that I am is but one,

Why then it follows logically the sun

And moon and stars are one the same as me:

They are not they, but rather they are we.

And if the sun and moon and stars are we,

That makes us all identical, you see,

And relegates our differences to petty,

Like strands of indivisible spaghetti.

And so, you know, we are a crowd of one,

Or possibly a multitude of me

That casts its many shadows in the sun

Where hand in hand I walk as she and he.

Delmont P. Neroni, 1997

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School 'spied on pupils at home through webcams'


This is so 1984! Why in the world would anyone at a school think they have a right to tell a student what they can and cannot do while in the privacy of their own home? The freakin' school's say so over a student ends when they leave school. They're attempting to usurp the parent's rights, and that does not even address the invasion of privacy issues because they most certainly did not have the permission of the homeowners or the parents to record anything secretly. This really pisses me off.

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