Jan. 29th, 2010

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Giveaway of the Day - Online Armor ++ (Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection)
January 29, 2010

Online Armor ++ Defeats Threats That Antivirus Apps Miss!

Have you got a virus?

If you ever scanned your PC and find a virus you should asked yourself these three questions

* How did it get on there?
* When did it get on there?
* What damage has it already done?

Anti Virus software is reactive – it needs to know the virus before it can detect it.

Be Proactive – Get a Firewall!
However, if you had a top class firewall like Online Armor then you may never have needed to ask them in the first place. Online Armor controls what comes and out of your PC. Even if you download something yourself, Online Armor will know if it trying to access the internet or we will automatically block or allow it by referring it to our “white list” of known software’s and files. Either way you are in control and better protected.

Firewall and Anti-Virus in one Product
With Online Armor ++ you can have both. Online Armor is known to one of the best if not the best desktop Firewall’s available and so it made sense to combine it with a leading Anti-virus scanning engine provided by Emsisoft. As well as virus you will be able to scan, detect and delete Malware and Rootkits.
Online Armor ++ is usually 59.95 USD and for the next 24 hours you can get it Free here.

Online Armor ++ has been awarded a 5 star rating from PC Security Labs. It was also tested by Malware Research Group and when tested against 78,120 viruses resulting in a detected rate of 99.98%.


Jan. 29th, 2010 09:24 am
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Kubbu is an e-learning tool designed to facilitate teachers' work and enhance the learning process

- you can register and use kubbu for free
- no need for you to install anything
- easy online management, no programming knowledge required
- free teacher account limited to 30 student profiles and 15 activities at a time

- create activities, matching games, crosswords or quizzes
- help students revise and assimilate new material
- conduct online exams or print randomized tests
- share and exchange activities with other teachers

your activities are available online
- you can limit access to your materials or make them accessible via web address
- create group/class web pages with activities, forum, important information, files
- send individual or mass e-mail messages to your students

- results are calculated automatically and stored in your database
- results can be compared and sorted by different criteria
- you can export results to other programmes, and use them in the way you want
- use Kubbu to stimulate your students and improve their results

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University of the People


University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first tuition-free, online academic institution dedicated to the global advancement and democratization of higher education. The high-quality, low-cost and global educational model embraces the worldwide presence of the Internet and dropping technology costs to bring university level studies within reach of millions of people across the world. With the support of respected academics, humanitarians and other visionaries, the UoPeople student body represents a new wave in global education.


UoPeople is proud to be a pioneer in the creation of a global online higher education community. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, understanding and participation. As such, the students and professors who comprise UoPeople represent a diverse group coming from both under-developed and developed countries globally. Comprised of students from around the world, the student body will learn through the peer-to-peer teaching method with a defined curriculum and the support of educators.

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